Ethiopians.ch is an online platform for Ethiopians in Switzerland created by the Network of Ethiopians in Geneva for Action Taskforce (NEGAT).

NEGAT’s goal is to spotlight the challenges, success and stories of Ethiopians who live (or have lived) in Switzerland and highlight the positive contributions as a diaspora community locally and to their homeland.

We report on activities of individuals, organizations, communities and groups from Ethiopians in all cantons of Switzerland and neighboring France.

The Network of Ethiopians in Geneva for Action Taskforce (NEGAT) is a self-governed group of Ethiopian volunteers living in Geneva, Switzerland, who value an intellectual approach to information sharing and networking among Ethiopians. NEGAT is engaged in advocacy and action towards the betterment of Ethiopia, its peace, stability and unity. 

You have a story in relation to Ethiopians in Switzerland? Contact us at ethiopians@ethiopians.ch