New Ethiopian Music 2023 | Melaku Belay | Ethiopian New Music | Fendika & K-Sanchis Album Release in Switzerland


Melaku Belay is one of the most renowned dancers in Ethiopia. He has immense knowledge of traditional dance forms from the different regions of Ethiopia and knows how to combine them with modern elements (which has earned him the nickname “Walking Earthquake”). At the same time, he is also the founder of the Fendika Cultural Center and a member of the house band of the same name. Fendika & K-Sanchis is a collaboration with Zurich musicians Jeroen Visser (baritone sax) and Steve Buchanan (alto sax), who did a short residency at Moods in 2021. This resulted in the album “GOJO” in 2022. On nine tracks, they pay refreshing tribute to the golden age of ethio-jazz, with Ethiopian instruments such as the krar (Ethiopian lyre), the masinqo (one-stringed violin) and the kebero (hand drum) taking center stage. Rhythm changes, experimental improvisations and wild outbursts complete the hypnotic and energetic overall mood of the album, creating a charged playing field for the captivating voice of Nardos Tesfaw. On stage, the atmosphere is brought to a boil by the dynamic performance of Melaku Belay and singer and dancer Emebet Woldetsdik.

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