Call to all the Diaspora Organization Leaders all over the world

The UN’s International Organization of Migration (IOM), in the largest survey ever of Diaspora Organizations, is reaching out to Diaspora / Migrant Organization Leaders all over the world.

They want to hear from diaspora organizations (including Ethiopian ones in Switzerland) about the challenges and constraints they are facing and what support, especially training support, they need to be able to effectively deliver on their goals. 

If you are a diaspora organisation leader, please take 15 minutes to complete this survey and have your experiences and voice heard. 

The survey is also available in FrenchSpanish and Portuguese. 

Increasingly diaspora organizations are being recognized as important partners for sustainable development, and development agencies, such as IOM, are committed to strengthening these organizations and helping them to reach their shared goals. Over the years there have been trainings designed and delivered to support diaspora organizations. However, it is not clear how well these are meeting the needs of these organizations. In strategic response, IOM is building on what trainings already exist and creating an online platform for diaspora organizations globally to be able to easily access trainings that meet and respond to their specific needs.  

Diaspora organisation leaders, please take the survey and/or pass onto other Diaspora Organization Leaders / Managers to complete it. They can also register their interest at the end of the survey if they wish to be involved in the pilot training programs of this initiative. 

For more information about this project, please click here.