Tedros Adhanom, Director General of WHO continuous unprofessional behavior denounced to WHO’s independent expert oversight Advisory Committee

A response is finally received from the Executive Board of WHO, confirming that the issue of the Director General and his conduct has been forwarded to the independent expert oversight Advisory committee (IEOAC).

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia filed on numerous occasions complaints following the WHO DG’s violations of WHO Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct while using WHO platform to disseminate propaganda against a member state as well as his good office to advocate for a rebel movement he once belonged to.

In light of the continuous unprofessional behavior, delinquency as well as information readily available on the social media, no doubt that the IEOAC will expeditiously reach at conclusive decision.

Further to the WHO Director-General’s unprofessional conduct, WHO is also ‘disturbed’ by reports Syria director spent million on parties and gifts. Dr Akjemal Magtymova, the World Health Organisation’s representative in Syria is being accused of hosting lavish parties and handing regime officials cars and gold, all paid for with agency funds

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To: ethicsoffice@who.int
Subject: Respect WHO code of Ethics and professional Conducts

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to request an investigation regarding the conduct of some of the employees of the World Health Organization and the Director General.

As per WHO’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conducts, article No 3.2.12 Independence, and Impartiality, High moral and Ethical standards at WHO Employees are essential to assure the trust, respect and confidence at the organization. We the people deserve transparency and accountability at organization to the highest standard. I question some of the employees including the DG independence and impartiality in addressing the issues in different parts of the world. The individuals engaged consistently using their position to influence their biased view on others on different social media platforms.

The best example for this is the DG’s biased tweets on the conflict in northern Ethiopia. As the active member of the violent insurgent group, the DG should recuse himself on this matter. However, he is constantly spreading false information using WHO and personal accounts at WHO office. In addition, the employees of WHO are following his footsteps including many directors.

Therefore, I request the ethics committee to investigate the Director Generals and other employees’ actions in the best interest of the organization. To maintain in WHO’s Full faith transparency and accountability may never be applied selectively. No member, not even the DG is above the law for any reason, I believe it is the ethics committee duty to investigate.