Join the Twitter Campaign #Adwa125 on 1-2 March (Monday & Tuesday)

Join the #Adwa125 Twitter Campaign to tell the world about the Victory of Adwa. The Worldwide Twitter Campaign will run on the 1st and 2nd of March, 2021, organized by Unity For Ethiopia. Every tweet, retweet and likes count!

If you are new to Twitter
የቲዊተር አጠቃቀም ለጀማሪዋች? | How to use Twitter for beginners in Amharic
– create a Twitter Account now and if needed, get help by talking to other ethiopians through the Telegram Group.
If you are not new to Twitter
If you already have a Twitter account, please use to find Tweets that are prepared and ready to be used in different languages including English, Amharic, French and German.

Go to now, Tweet and Retweet and share the link.