Ethiopians rally in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland (4 November 2005) – Hundreds of Ethiopians from various parts of Switzerland gathered in Geneva to alert about the alarming situation in their country and protest against the killing, detention and torture of hundreds of ethiopians since the 1st of November. Despite the very late call, hundreds of Ethiopians met at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva with their written slogans held high up under the heavy rain in Geneva.

Photos of victims of the brutal and repressive regime of Meles Zenawi were carried by the demonstrators. Under the torrential downpour, they marched from Place des Nations (UN Headquarters) to the Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the United Nations in Geneva.

There are no words to describe the shouting of slogans and whistling in front of the Ethiopian Embassy. For over an hour, slogans in Amharic, French and English were being shouted catching the attention of employees of all other embassies located in the building.

gedawoch leferd yeqerbu !
yetaserut yefetu ! ahununu !

Stop the killing of innocent civilians !
Free all detained opposition leaders !
Stop the massacre in Ethiopia !

Silence, on tue en Ethiopie !
Liberez les dirigeants de l’opposition !
Non à la dictature repressive en Ethiopie !

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The Geneva Police rushed up many cars filled with armed policemen. The sirens, the stormy rain, the alignment o armed Geneva policemen did not obscure the slogans, the chanting and whistling.

The demonstrators then went to the Place des Nations (UN Headquarters) and hold a candle light vigil.